Please review our studio policy here

  • All visitors to TNBS HQ will be respectful to the building and its contents, anyone caught causing damage to the building and its contents will no longer be welcome.  

  • All students should feel safe and welcome in the training environment. No bullying in any form will be tolerated. 

  • Students must conduct themselves in a proper manner whilst on site, they must not cause disruption to any classes or distract from anther school members training. 

  • Students must attend classes properly groomed and with a mindset to learn and work hard. 

  • All staff members promise to provide a nurturing environment for students to learn, they aim to build confidence and provide training tailored to the individual needs of the pupil. 

  • The founders will always be available at the earliest possible time to discuss or meet with any parent or pupil who wishes to speak in a safe and confidential manner. 

  • Fee Policy – see PDF