Fee Schedule and Payment T&C’s Fee Schedule – Inclusive VAT

Category A classes

30 minutes AED 840.00 (Per lesson is AED 75.00)

45 minutes AED 980.00 (Per lesson is AED 85.00)

60 minutes AED 1,140.00 (Per lesson is AED 95.00) 75 minutes AED 1,260.00 (Per lesson is AED 105.00)

90 minutes AED 1,655.00(Per lesson is AED 142.00)

Category B Classes

Graded RAD Ballet X 2 60 mins ballet – AED 1950.00

These include Graded classes from 1 – 8
Vocational Classes do not fall under this costing they must be paid for per class according to the fees above.

Discount Programme - (Only Applicable on full terms fees)

  • For families with 2 or more siblings you will be offered a 10% discount from the total bill.

  • For students taking 2 or more category A classes per week you will be offered a 10% discount from the total bill.

Please note no further discount is given on category B classes.




Payment T&C’s

1. Payment Dates 1.1 How often do I pay –

  1. Sep – Dec WINTER TERM

  2. Jan – March SPRING TERM

  3. April – June SUMMER TERM

Client is guaranteed 36 weeks over the year but this may not be split evenly throughout the 3 terms

1.2 When are fees due

You will receive an invoice within 7 days of signing up for a class. This will be sent to you via your registered email. Please ensure your email registered is active TNBS will not be accountable for invoices not delivered to inactive email addresses.
Fees are due 21 days after receipt of the invoice.

2. Installment Plans

2.1 – Am I eligible for an installment plan

If your term fees are over Dhs.1000 per term you are eligible to pay monthly.


2.2 – How do installment plans work?

- If you choose to pay via installment your payment will be split over 3 months.
- An email must be sent to michelle@thenationalballetstudio.com and you must receive a confirmation from TNBS that the installment plan is active.
- The first installment is due within 21 days of receiving an invoice.
- All installments must be paid with post-dated cheques or bank transfer. Cash will not be accepted for installment plans.
- Please note that full terms fees will be charged when paying in installments, if lessons are missed during the second or third installment no refund or discount will be given. Please look at section 4 for make up and cancelled classes.

3. Charges.

3.1 – Late payment charges

All fees are due within 21 days of receiving an invoice. If you are eligible for an installment plan you must have the plan confirmed and the first installment paid within the 21 day period.

3.11 – Failure to make a payment within 21 days will cause the discount to be revoked.

3.12 – Failure to make a payment within 60 days will incure a 10% charge on your bill for late payment.

3.2 – Returned Cheque Fee

As per the bank charges a cost of Dhs.50 will be added to the clients account for any returned cheques.

3.3 – Bank Tranfer Fee

If client chooses to pay via bank transfer payee must pay the charges.


4. Make up classes.

4.1 – Cancelled Classes

For any classes cancelled by the company that were not scheduled holidays make up classes will be offered. The full term dates including scheduled holidays can be found on the website and pinned to the top of the Facebook page.

4.2 – Missed Classes

For any classes missed by the client it is their responsibility to contact the office and arrange a make up session. Make Up sessions can be made prior to a missed class if more convenient. A student may also use a make up class as an opportunity to try out a class of a different genre. Make up classes must be made within the same term that the class is missed.

4.3 – Starting Late in the Term

If students register and join within the first 21 days of term, they are legible to pay the full terms fees and are require to make up the classes missed. If a student starts any time after the initial 21 day period they will be charged pro rata. In the case of being charged pro rate discount rates do not apply.

4.4 – Injury / Long Running Sickness

If a student is suffering from a long term illness or injury they must provide us with a doctors note. The classes paid for will then be held as credit until the student is able to attend classes again.